E3 2014: Pictures, products, picks, and more

This is my collection of various pictures from the E3 show floor. The show felt ‘smaller’ this year than last, despite the claim that it was slightly larger by around 1000 people (or less). I’ll be posting articles, previews, etc. in the days to come. Right now I’m just going back through everything. (It’s almost impossible to write/upload from the show itself for us freelancers stuck on crappy hotel Wi-Fi!) Some standout games for me included:

  • The Witcher III (CD Projekt): I was already excited for this one last year, and it’s shaping into an absolute masterpiece of an RPG. Pre-order it. Now.
  • Alien: Isolation (Sega): The apology for Colonial Marines… and a damn good looking survival horror game. On an Oculus Rift it might kill you.
  • Evolve (2K): A very cool, new twist on co-op games. 4 players vs. 1 uber boss monster.
  • Pillars of Eternity (Paradox Interactive): “Old school” RPG like Baldur’s Gate, from the folks (Obsidian) that have made more than a few of these in their day.
  • Styx: Master of Shadows looks like a very promising fantasy-stealth game in the “Thief” / “Batman” mold.

Standout products included:

  • The Astro Gaming A38 wireless mobile headset for its outstanding noise cancellation,
  • The Roccat Sova (see the gallery) for making living room PC gaming even more appealing. I want a gaming PC in my living room now.

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