Smite Ra-Merica

Hi-Rez Studios introduces the most patriotic god ever: Ra-merica!

Ra-merica is a total-re-skin of the Egyptian god Ra, complete with gung-ho, hilarious cowboy-style ‘MURRICA voice emotes, and all new special effects, which include:

  • Shooting a firework (rocket) (his solar ray)
  • A giant American Flag hovers over Solar Blessing
  • All new voice pack and some very emotes

Check out the video below! I’m already getting some gems ready…

By the way, I have it on good authority (i.e. someone at Hi-Rez told me…):

  • When Ra-Merica kills GEB, he says something very funny.
  • Ra-Merica is a seasonal purchase — so he’ll only be available for a limited time (like Santa Bacchus, Feaster Bunny, etc.)

Also coming: Iron Gamer Thor — mostly just a palette swap for Thor, and Metal Carnage Fenrir — a Fenrir ‘Cyberpunk’ style skin with a new voice pack as well.

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