A quick selfie from E3 2016

I’ve played PC and console games for most of my life, and I’ve also worked for many game companies, including Sierra On-Line, Microsoft Game Studios, Nintendo, and others. I’ve been writing professionally about video games and technology for many years in print magazines and online.

I freelanced regularly for many years for magazines such as Smart Computing, Processor.com, Computer Power User, and other Sandhills Publications. I also wrote for Sierra’s Interaction Magazine ‘back in the day’, and I’ve even written some small games: Westward III: Gold Rush (PC) and Defender Chronicles 2 (iOS) are a couple of them.

I wrote for Examiner.com as its main/top PC gaming writer from 2008 until the site burned down and sank into the swamp in July 2016. .

When Examiner.com closed up shop, I decided to continue writing and  focus my efforts on my own site (PCGAMEEXAMINER.COM / VIDEOGAMEEXAMINER.COM), and a host of other sites I freelance for, including Wide Screen Gaming Forum,  MMOSITE.COM,  TheMasterSwitch.com, and others.


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