Bethesda reveals RAGE 2 gameplay and details

Bethesda Softworks today released “complete” details for their recently ‘surprise’ announced RAGE 2, including some screenshots, a gameplay trailer, and a vague release date.

RAGE 2 is being developed by open-world game masters Avalanche Studios (Just Cause, Mad Max) and FPS masters ID Software (Doom, Quake, Rage).

With an impressive pedigree of development behind it, RAGE 2 doesn’t just promise unparalleled FPS action, but similarly unparalleled vehicular combat. “If you can see it, you can drive it.” And you can probably blow it up/kill it too.

First, the explosive gameplay trailer:

RAGE 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth in the aftermath of an asteroid that wiped out 80% of the Earth’s population. Now, vicious factions and gangs terrorize…other vicious factions and gangs.

You play Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland, who plans to take down the oppressive rule of The Authority. Walker is armed with an upgradable arsenal as well as Nanotrite powers (i.e. superpowers) and the ability to ‘overdrive’ weapons and push them beyond their limits (i.e. MOAR FIREPOWER).

Look for RAGE 2 to blow sh*t up real good in 2019.



  • Publisher:  Bethesda Softworks
  • Developer:  Avalanche Studios
  • Release Date: 2019
  • Platform:  Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | PC
  • Genre: Open World First-Person Shooter

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