Frontier releases free Planet Coaster DLC

Today Frontier Developments, the fabulous folks behind the even more fabulous Planet Coaster theme park simulator, celebrated their anniversary by releasing more FREE DLC.

This is the fourth free DLC release for Planet Coaster, and like previous DLC releases includes new rides, new roller coasters, and some new features and improvements.

The largest new additions are the new Scenario Editor and the Staff Management Building.

Planet Coaster – Anniversary DLC screenshot – Frontier Developments

With the scenario editor you can create and share your own scenarios and download new ones created by fellow Planet Coaster fans directly from the Steam Workshop.

The new Staff Management building gives your park crew a place to relax and train.

New rides include 3 new rollercoasters: Hop The Gaps (sounds dangerous…), Cascade, and Zenith. Along with the new coasters, you also get new coaster-construction options for your park.

There are also 2 brand new rides, including the retro classic Weisshorn and the Monte Leone.

Planet Coaster – Anniversary DLC screenshot – Frontier Developments



Rounding out the ‘Turkey Day’ anniversary DLC are a host of UI tweaks and improvements and a new scenario created by Frontier.

Sim theme park fans take note: If you aren’t already enjoying Planet Coaster, you should be. It’s the best theme park simulator this side of Roller Coaster Tycoon. (And note that Frontier were the folks behind Roller Coaster Tycoon 3…)

Planet Coaster is ON SALE now on Steam and , and available at retail stores in selected territories.

Important note:  According to Frontier’s press release, Planet Coaster should be going on sale at 55% off of its normal price very soon, but the sale price didn’t appear to be reflected on the product pages as of this writing.


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