Review: A4Tech Bloody M660P gaming headset

The Bloody M660P is relatively light and comfortable for a headset that buries your ears in super thick cushions, but it suffers from odd design choices.

Bloody M660P Feature highlights and specifications

The Bloody M660P features some of the biggest, cushiest ear cup liners I’ve ever seen in a headset. They provide a good measure of noise isolation, and combined with the suspension headband design the M660P is still fairly light and comfortable despite its considerable size and bulk.

Bloody M660P (Credit: Bloody Gaming)


  • 40mm Drivers
  • Impedance: 16 ± 20% O
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB ± 3 dB
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz


  • Mic. Frequency Response: 75-16,000 Hz
  • Mic. Sensitivity: – 45 dB


  • 3.5 mm Plug (Audio/Mic) (120CM / 48 inches)
  • USB Cable (100 CM / 39 inches)
  • 3.5 mm PC Adapter Cable Length: 100 CM (39 inches)

The Bloody M660P has a primary 3.5mm cable with an inline microphone and mute that you can connect to a 3.5mm unified or mobile connector. A small volume control is located on the underside of the ear cup where the cable connects to the headset.

The 660P also includes a long Y-cable with both a USB and 3.5mm connector for use with a PC. The USB cable provides power for the bright red LED lighting. The cables are braided but very flexible (i.e. not stiff).

Comfort and design

Thanks to its suspension headband the Bloody M660P provides good comfort given its large bulky ear cups. I might even recommend it if you have a particularly big head. And it’s pretty comfortable for normal-headed folks as well, despite the lack of swiveling ear cups or other micro-adjustment features.

But while comfort is overall a bit above average, the M660P controls are poorly designed for big-headed (presuming they are big-bodied too) and normal-headed folks. (Small-headed folks are right out.)

The inline mic/mute is a thin plastic tube barely thicker than the braided 3.5mm/USB cable connector. It’s clearly a mic intended for mobile use, and while it works well enough as a mic it’s utterly at odds with the ginormous M660P, which is a very non-mobile headset in the best of circumstances. (Even if this thing folded up or collapsed in some fashion, you’d damn well need a Bag of Holding to find space for the M660P among the usual staples of mobile technology. )

The mic/mute control also lacks any form of LED or other way to indicate that you are muted—not that it would matter much really because you couldn’t see it see anyway. The mic/mute hangs about 4 inches below where the cable connects to the headset, which would force you to awkwardly grab it and stick it up to your face to see it.

The ear cup–mounted volume control is fairly typical and I generally applaud ear cup mounted controls over inline controls. A larger one would be appreciated.

M660P Audio performance

Lacking any software or mixer controls, the M660P sounds pretty decent out of the box. Clarity is actually pretty good and I thought the bass levels were adequately balanced enough to provide strong bass and clear highs and mid tones.

Succinctly, playing through a variety of music files and games such as Overwatch and Dungeons 3I didn’t find much of anything to particularly praise or complain about as far as audio quality goes. However, you don’t really have any options for tweaking the audio performance either.

Overall: 6/10 

The Bloody A4tech M660P is essentially a Freshman-level product with some glimmers of good ideas. But A4tech still has work to do in the design department, and the M660P isn’t on par with its competition yet. If you have a really big head it might be a good fit though.

Hopefully A4Tech/Bloody continue driving forward and improving. They have some interesting products and ideas. And for inspiration, they don’t need to look further than Corsair and their PC gaming peripherals. Corsair’s earliest gaming peripherals (i.e. mice, keyboards, headsets) were for the most part pretty dreadful and well behind the competition of the time—but they stuck it out, improved, and now offer an extensive lineup of top-tier PC gaming products.


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