Bears vs. Methlab (Whitebox Interactive)

Bears vs. Methlab: Be a bear and fight drug cartels led by Hitler

Control an army of bears in a destructive brawl to stop inter-dimensional drug dealers and their nefarious leader time-traveling Necromancer Hitler in Bears vs. Methlab–coming to PC in Q1 2017.

Don’t worry, there’s a trailer. A game rife with destructive bear porn fighting against inter-dimensional drug dealers demands it.

“We got sore from punching each other over unfair mini games and stolen stars in other party games, so we decided to make something balanced. Plus it provides an alibi for typing methlab into Google for when the DEA inevitably raids your place. You’re welcome.”
–Jonathan Falkowski, CEO, Whitebox Interactive.

From the press release:

The story, best described as a multi-dimensional space opera, begins when history’s worst war criminal and time-traveling necromancer hatches a plot to cook and sell meth to fund his genocidal wars in alternate universes. Only an infinite number of bears from parallel universes can stop Hitler, and put an end to his evil.

Bear vs Methlab is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter with a goal of $30,000 CAD. The game will release regardless of the crowdfunding results. The crowdfunding is only aimed at expanding Bear vs Methlab’s number of mini games and levels.

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