E3 2015 — finally home, and with pictures

I was so busy at E3 and connectivity sucked so bad I could scarcely make any updates.

Now that I’m home, I’ve posted my first article, and I selected something less on the radar from the major sites, and more personal to me: The revival of King’s Quest by The Odd Gentlemen and Activision.

I’m currently working on another smaller title — Shroud of the Avatar — that is being developed by a PC gaming icon of yesteryear, Richard Garriot, aka “Lord British” of Ultima fame. Being a long-time Ultima fan since childhood, I couldn’t miss a chance to talk to the man responsible for the first PC RPG I ever played (and completed), which was Ultima III. I went on to play and complete every last Ultima game in the series (up to and including Ultima 9).

But right now I’m just recovering from the trip and putting some odds and ends together, and figured I’d just post my pictures here until I can take the time to write a proper blog post, in which I’ll largely complain about this year’s E3 being relatively lame. There was very little tech at the show, and while some great games were announced, none of it was really surprising, and much of it was the usual fare (which is to say game announcement, trailer/video, and a bunch of non-committal marketing speak.)

And even though I don’t much care about “console wars”, everyone at the show agreed that Nintendo totally phoned it in this year.

So until I rant on in more detail, here all the various pictures I took (unedited/sorted).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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