E3 2015 – End of Day 1, and a chance meeting with Vince Zampella

Interesting day. I saw the Pillars of Eternity expansion The White March (part 1), a bit of Frictional Games’ survival horror game SOMA, Sword Coast Legends, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and few other tech odds and ends.One of my appointments fell through because I couldn’t find location information. I also stopped off at the Razer booth to see the Razer Mamba Chroma, and got a glance at Richard Garriot (of Ultima fame) giving an interview. (I’ll be getting my own interview with him tomorrow!).

The day wrapped up at PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show. It was nice to see PC Gaming get some ‘center stage’ time, although I think I’d recommend something shorter and meatier if this is to become a regular show. Most of it was relatively dull, consisting of various studio heads trotted out to the stage to show a video, and then trotted off in short order. AMD showed off the Radeon R9 Fury and R9 Nano (an impressively small, 6″ long card), but didn’t offer any technical specs or the like.

Some other interesting announcements: Killer Instinct and Gears of War will be coming to PC, along with Fable Legends. Microsoft showed off Hotline Miami streamed from an Xbox One to a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. This streaming technology will be integrated into Windows 10.

CCP was on hand to show off EVE: Valkyrie again. Phil Spencer briefly talked about Microsoft’s commitment–or perhaps re-commitment — to the PC as a platform.

I connected with several industry friends and contacts, and ultimately finished back in the lobby of my hotel, where none other than a very drunk and entertaining Vince Zampella (Head of Respawn Entertainment, of Titanfall fame) sat across from me and engaged me in a short conversation. Then a bunch of other Respawn guys showed up, apparently fresh off of a party put on by Notch (Minecraft creator/inventor). Vince introduced me to all of them. Most notable quote from these interactions, spoken by Vince Z. “I’m being sued for like a million dollars!”.

Then they all went off to the bar. Vince made sure they knew who had the company Amex card.

Best. Boss. Ever. 🙂

I may have to add the pictures later. I just realized I don’t have any way to get the pictures off of my camera to my new laptop. Other technical challenges revealed today: My laptop doesn’t have a 5GHz wifi network card, so I can’t connect it to the E3Media WiFi network at the show. (Not a big deal really, but still an annoyance).

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