Off topic: Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Chili Salsa packs a serious punch

Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Chili Salsa
I like it hot. This stuff definitely brings the heat.

One of my other interests/passions is hot sauce. Suffice to say, I like it hot — real hot.

I have a vast collection of hot sauces and spicy additives.  So I couldn’t resist picking this “Mr’s Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Salsa” on a recent trip to World Mart while shopping for mother’s day gifts.

A lot of hot sauces claim to be super hot but don’t really deliver–especially if you buy them “off the shelf” at Safeway and similar mainstream supermarkets.

I was skeptical Mr’s Renfro’s wouldn’t deliver, but she did. This stuff packs a heft Ghost Pepper punch–8-10 crackers in and my face was sweating and my tongue burning–in a good way.

The overall flavor is good. It straddles the line between overwhelming pepper flavor and heat and salsa flavor. It’s a little thin and could stand to be thickened up a bit.

In addition, the heat is strong enough to drown out most flavor other than “tomato”–I think it could benefit from a little more citrus accent from orange, mango, peach, or some other sweet, fruity flavor.

But overall, this stuff is still pretty tasty and it definitely brings the heat — eat it too fast and you’ll pay a steep and possibly painful price. But take it nice and slow and enjoy the sweaty face and raging burn.

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