Evil Lives Again—Dungeons 3: Once Upon a Time DLC is coming

Dungeons 3: Once Upon a Time DLC (Credit: Kalypso Media)

Kalypso Media unleashes absolute evil once again with the first of three new Dungeons 3 DLC packs—the first of which arrives in February to a dungeon near you.

The Dungeons series, particularly Dungeons 2 and Dungeons 3, both managed to revive and reincarnate the fun and charm of the PC classic Dungeon Keeper games of the 90’s, while adding a slew of innovations that make the Dungeons games stand proudly apart from their inspiration.

So Dungeons fans rejoice. More cheeky Snot-slapping, Muhahaha-ing, and general Unicorn and Rainbow-shredding is coming to Dungeons 3 in the form of three nefarious DLC packs, the first of which is Dungeons 3: Once Upon a Time.

After crushing all opposition in Dungeons 3, the Absolute Evil (i.e. you) heads to Fairyland to put a smackdown on those righteous, winged, misguided mushroom-lovers. Apparently, the fairies have been providing heroes with potions to empower them, and inspiring them to selfless acts of charity and good deeds.

Dungeons 3: Once Upon a Time DLC (Credit: Kalypso Media)

Obviously, it has to stop.

Armed with some heroes that you’ve enthralled to your service, you will set out to smash these fairies and crush any hopes of a happy ending.

Suck on that, fairies. 

The Once Upon a Time DLC inlcudes three new campaigns, three new Evil hubs, a new wall tile set for the dungeon, and The Good Fairy—i.e. a new boss to obliterate.

Oh, and for the shear fun of it, there are apparently exploding sheep now, too <evil rimshot>.

The Once Upon a Time DLC will be available on February 2nd for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $4.99Dungeons 3 is available now worldwide on Steam, and also available on disc and digital editions for Windows PC, Linux, PlayStation4, and Xbox One.

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