Sign up to explore, expand, and exterminate in Outpost Zero

Sign up now for a chance to free, early (Alpha) access to Outpost Zero, where you explore an alien world, establish a base, and then lead an army of AI squadmates in an FPS battle to trash your neighbors and take their stuff.

In Outpost Zero, a sandbox FPS from tinyBuild and Symmetric Games, you play an AI Overseer sent from Earth to establish a colony on an alien world. Explore the alien planet, build a base, and defend it against hostile alien lifeforms—oh, and other players. monster

You’ll build your base in a manner similar to RTS games, i.e. creating units (AI bots in this case) to help gather resources, build, and expand the base. You also need to ensure your AI citizens are well-oiled machines by keeping them healthy, happy, and even entertained.

You’ll also need to keep them armed. In addition to defending against indigenous lifeforms,  once your base is successfully established you’ll want to lead a squad of well-armed bot citizens, to the nearest base and crush it beneath your metal, merciless feet. (Is it just me or does this seem like a bad lesson to be teaching our AI?)

Screw humanity’s survival and future of humankind. The planet just isn’t big enough for everyone.HighresScreenshot00020

TinyBuild will be slowly ramping up the pre-alpha of Outpost Zero as it leads into the public alpha. 

Sign up for a chance to participate in the public Alpha for free.

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