iXCC BT2 Best Buds headset is an excellent travel and workout buddy

ixcc4The iXCC “Best Buds” BT2 headset delivers good comfort, fit, and accessibility and it’s an excellent travel and workout companion. It’s also better in every way than its predecessor the BT1.

iXCC is a manufacturer of various ‘lifestyle’ products, most of them cables, power banks, and various mobile accessories. While iXCC don’t make anything specifically “gaming” focused, they do make a number of nice accessories and mobile products useful for anyone.

[Note: OK, so I’m not exactly sure why they want me to review their stuff (virtually non of which is directly related to gaming), but I don’t mind stepping out of gaming-only reviews now and again. Also: You can play games with these on your smartphone. So there’s your tie-in I guess.]

The iXCC BT2 slides over the ears easily and fits snugly but comfortably thanks to the water and sweat-resistant ear hooks. Although suitable for virtually any mobile use, the BT2 is an optimal workout/running companion.

iXCC BT2 features and specifications

  • Soft gel sweat-proof and water-resistant ear hooks for a secure fit.
  • cVc 6.0 passive noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth v4.1 enables pairing with 2 devices simultaneously
  • Inline controller for volume, answering calls, and media playback.
  • Up to 33 foot range
  • Informative voice prompts
  • Up to 8 hours or talk/play time; 270 hours of standby time
  • Can fully charge in 1.5 hours.
  • 2-year warranty



After using the BT2 regularly for more than a month it has become my go-to headset for running, working out, and occasionally just drowning out distractions at work. Overall sound quality is excellent, with good bass (for tunes) and clarity (for the calls). I’m hardly an audiophile–even less so when we’re talking about mobile earbuds—but overall I didn’t have any complaints about the BT2.ixcc3

I also didn’t get any complaints about the sound/mic quality from anyone I called. I also employed it for a couple conference calls, for which it served perfectly.

The BT2 works so well that it quickly became a preferred companion for most of my mobile usage—particularly running and working out.

A small pouch or travel case would make a good accessory because (like all such headsets) the BT2 is fairly easy to lose track of—especially if you just toss it into the ocean of your gym bag in a hurried rush from a work out.

Overall: Highly Recommended

I wouldn’t mind some larger buttons on the inline controller, but aside from that the iXCC BT2 is an outstanding headset. And at a relatively low cost (around $30 on Amazon), the BT2 is an easy recommendation.



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