Review: Genius SP906BT portable Bluetooth speaker

Genius SP906BT Bluetooth portable speaker (Credit: Genius)

Powerful and portable, the Genius SP906BT portable speaker puts out surprisingly loud sound for a puck-sized speaker, perfect for pumping up your smartphone or laptop audio when you need it. It’s also a very capable hands-free partner for your smartphone.

SP906BT Feature highlights

The SP906BT is a little smaller in diameter than a hockey puck and a bit thicker. A short micro-USB charging cable is included with it, and a strong carabiner for attaching to a belt loop, backpack, bicycle, etc.

If you need a personal, portable speaker to blast your own theme music, the Genius SP906BT has got you covered.

Features & specifications

The Genius SP906BT is also available in a variety of  colors. (Credit: Genius)
  • 3 watt output
  • 40mm driver
  • Bluetooth 4.1 with up to 30 meter range
  • Connects to any Bluetooth device (iPhone, iPad, Smart Phone, Tablet, PC)
  • built-in microphone
  • 500mAh Lithium polymer rechargeable
  • Micro USB charging interface
  • Battery charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Play time: 5 hours (~10 hours idle)

The SP906BT includes a built-in microphone, so you can use it as a makeshift conference-calling or hands-free device for your smartphone. Just press the ‘phone’ button to answer your connected phone. The SP906BT also includes standard media control buttons for volume +/-, forward/back, play, and pause.

For the fashion-sensitive, the SP906BT is also available in a variety of colors.

Performance evaluation

Genius SP906BT (Credit: Bryan Edge-Salois)

As a music player the SP906BT delivers loud, clear audio with strong bass—so strong in fact it can vibrate its puck-sized self across a table if you crank the volume loud enough. It’s a great companion for cranking up your laptop’s volume as well.

The SP906BT is also a hands-free device—something that (unexpectedly) excited me more than its speaker capabilities. After pairing it with my phone (a Google Nexus 6P), I placed a couple calls while working on an article, typing away on my PC and talking to mom hands-free.

One call even got dropped (from the other end), so as a quick test I started playing some music through the SP906BT. When the caller re-dialed, the SP906BT politely notified me via voice with “You have an incoming call” and even told me the phone number that was dialing.

Although I don’t have a specific or ongoing need for a device like the SP906BT in my general gadget/ mobile ecosystem, it’s still a very useful device and one I started to see more possibilities for the more I played with it.

Overall: 8/10 – Highly Recommended

Considering its modest price tag (around $20-30) and broad potential usefulness, I think even only occasional use more than justifies the cost of the SP906BT. (It’s also a relatively inexpensive gift idea for gadget lovers with smartphones.)

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