Review: Fnatic Clutch G1 gaming mouse

Fnatic Clutch G1 gaming mouse. (Credit: Clutch)

The Fnatic Clutch G1 optical gaming mouse is an outstanding, streamlined, and efficient killing machine. It’s comfortable, well-designed, and arguably as close to gaming mouse perfection as you can get.

A little history: I hadn’t heard of the Fnatic brand or the Clutch G1 mouse before, but I like reviewing new products unfamiliar to me. Often such products turn out to be cheaply-made knock-off product that imitate an established brand while cutting corners (particularly with their driver software) to achieve rock-bottom prices. As it turned out, I’m happy to report that the Fnatic Clutch G1 is not such a product.

Sometimes outstanding products come from unexpected places — or in this case a peripheral company previously unknown to me. According to Fnatic’s own Web site, “Esports gear is about simplicity, comfort, and reliability — it’s exactly what you need to perform and nothing else.”

The Clutch G1 certainly bears that out.

Clutch G1 feature highlights and specifications

Fnatic Clutch G1 gaming mouse
Fnatic Clutch G1 gaming mouse (Credit: Bryan Edge-Salois)

There isn’t any singular feature of the Clutch G1 that is particularly innovative. It doesn’t offer anything new, but what it does offer is a a nearly perfect balance of design, comfort, and performance.

The real ‘stars’ of the Clutch G1 are under the hood: the mechanical Omron D2FC-F-7N switches. They’re nearly as loud as a blue-switch mechanical keyboard, i.e. they are extremely (and very satisfyingly) ‘clicky’ with excellent tactile feedback. The Clutch G1 isn’t the first mouse I’ve reviewed with Omron switches but it may be the loudest, and I instantly fell in love with its robust, noisy clicks.

The scroll wheel is also supremely well-balanced for precision gaming, and not overly stiff so it’s still good for Web surfing and day-to-day usage. I still tend to prefer the dual-mode scroll wheel found on Logitech mice that has a ‘free-roll’ mode, but it’s fair to say they are slightly less ideal for gaming than a dedicated, firmer scroll wheel.

The bottom line is that if you love mechanical keyboards for their tactile feedback, you’ll love the ‘clickiness’ of the Fnatic Clutch G1.

Aside from its outstanding switches, the Clutch G1 features a simple software driver that provides the rest of its features: 3 profiles, DPI-switching, customizable LED lighting for the scroll wheel, and more.

Clutch G1 specifications

Fnatic Clutch G1 gaming mouse (Credit: FnaticGear)
  • MCU/Processor: Holtek HT68FB560
  • Main Switches : Omron D2FC-F-7N
  • Sensor  PMW 3310
  • Memory : 256kB
  • Resolution : Up to 5000 DPI, adjustable in 50 DPI increments
  • Tracking speed: 130 IPS
  • Max Acceleration: 30G
  • Report Rate: Adjustable, up to 1000Hz
  • Connection: Gold plated USB
  • Package Content : CLUTCH G1 Optical Gaming Mouse, Quick Start Guide

Clutch G1 Dimensions   

  • W: 68mm
  • L: 130 mm
  • H: 43mm
  • Weight 116g

Clutch G1 performance evaluation

The Clutch G1 impresses right out of the box. Covered in soft touch rubber top to bottom with a subtle ergonomic right-handed shape, it oozes comfort as soon as you pick it up.

Feature-wise, the Clutch G1 doesn’t offer anything you haven’t seen in other gaming mice. But it’s a high-quality, comfortable, streamlined product that provides all the core features of a good gaming mouse. And it’s backed by well-made driver software that isn’t quite as robust as the competition, but still delivers the most essential features in a competent package.

Fnatic Clutch G1 gaming mouse (Credit: FnaticGear)

Succinctly, I used the Clutch G1 extensively–almost exclusively–for several weeks in games of Overwatch, Dishonored 2, and a side of Doom, Smite, and Planet Coaster. It performed flawlessly and comfortably across the board. In fact, the Clutch G1 may be staying on my desk as an alternate to my Logitech G502 (which I still love, especially for its scroll wheel). I enjoy gaming with it (especially its very nice buttons) that much.

If there’s any area the G1 falls slightly short in—and it’s a relatively minor one, but still worth noting—it’s the macro capabilities. The Macro recorder is simple and very easy to use, but it is limited to simple keystroke combinations. You can’t program custom delays between keystrokes, for example, or edit the macros beyond simply recording and re-recording them.

Overall: 9/10 Highly Recommended

The Clutch G1 is arguably as near to design perfection as a gaming mouse can get.  Priced around $70-$80, the Fnatic Clutch G1 is easily on par with many bigger-name mice at a similar price point. It’s comfortable, well-designed, and provides virtually everything you need. The Clutch G1 is a best-in-class product.

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