Blizzard reveals Sombra and the Overwatch eSports League


Sombra is described as “one of the world’s most notorious hackers”. She is an offense character with a short-range machine pistol. She also has the ability to cloak, and teleport to a transponder unit she can deploy. Rounding out her abilities, she can ‘hack’ characters and health kits, negating their abilities.Last, but not least, she can emit an EMP burst to disable enemy shields and opponents. (She sounds like a pretty solid anti-Bastion/Torb character, so I like her already…)

You can get the full run-down on her abilities on Sombra’s character page.

Introducing the Overwatch League

Blizzard also announced the Overwatch League for competitive  eSports Overwatch players.

Check out for more info.


    1. I don’t trust my reflexes enough to play snipers or most high accuracy offense characters any more. I’m like a Soldier 76 of gaming now. =) What platform do you play on?

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