Review: Accessory Power Enhance GX-M4 gaming mouse offers solid value

gx-m4_main_lrg-480x480The Accessory Power Enhance GX-M4 is a colorful, entry-level gaming mouse that delivers limited features and respectable performance for a very modest $20 price.

As an entry level offering, you almost have to pity the poor marketing writer that has to undertake the painful creative writing exercise writing bullet points for products like the GX-M4. With a cut-rate list of nigh standard gaming features, it’s pretty tough to make a cheap mouse sound sexy and appealing to an audience that often prefers its excesses.

PC gamers tend to like buying products based on potential because we never know if we might want or need that extra setting, button, or capability—even if repeated experience has taught us that we rarely step outside our familiar comforts and never make use of such potential.

If money is tight or you’re buying a gift for someone that may not care about gaming pedigree (younger kids for example), the GX-M4 does its job well enough and it won’t break the bank.

Feature highlights and specifications

Make no mistake, if it wasn’t obvious already the real star of the GX-M4 show isn’t the feature set, it’s the $20 price tag. In light of its rock-bottom price, don’t expect anything but the barest of features, but to its credit the GX-M4 delivers is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Enhance GX-M4 gaming mouse features and specifications


  • 6 buttons (Left, Right, Middle, DPI switch, and 2 fixed function thumb buttons (Forward, Backward)
  • 4 DP modes: 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2400
  • Rubberized carapace, matte plastic textured sides
  • 7 LED cycling colors
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The GX-M4 sports a soft touch rubber top and matte plastic sides. It has a slight ergonomic shape with subtle recesses on the buttons and sides for a reasonably comfortable, grip-friendly design.

The mouse switches deliver a nice, satisfying and firm click; better than I would have expected to be honest given the GX-M4’s low price. The GX-M4 provides 4 DPI presets (switched by pressing the dedicated button behind the scroll wheel): 800/1200/1600/2400.

These settings are likely adequate for many (possibly most) gamers, particularly those using smaller displays. You don’t really want ultra-high DPI settings anyway for fast-twitch games anyway. (Just for reference, I rarely use anything beyond 3200DPI for general usage, and I primarily game around 1200-2400DPI depending on the game.)


Admittedly, the  GX-M4 definitely felt ‘cheap’ to me right out of the box. Construction just feels lighter and less robust, but to be fair I haven’t reviewed many mice in its price range so I’m accustomed to reviewing and using more expensive products.

But how does it perform? Petty well, actually.

I put the Enhance GX-M4 through its paces predominantly in day-to-day usage (web surfing, writing, general computing) and games of Blizzard’s Overwatch and Hi-Rez Studios Smite.

The GX-M4 performed its duties well. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t even much notice it (which is a good thing) aside from the general ergonomic difference from my usual mouse, the Logitech G502. Although I still missed my G502, for purposes of the review the GX-M4 was not notably lacking when I gamed with it. I didn’t get frustrated with it, hurl it, or find reason to blame it.

The GX-M4 mouse buttons are fixed-function buttons. Credit: Accessory Power

I think the scroll wheel could be a bit stiffer and more precise, and I prefer larger thumb buttons. But the left and right- click switches are decent and provide a good, solid, firm ‘click’. Truth be told, I like them better than I would have anticipated because I wasn’t expecting much.

The LED color effects are a nice touch. The colors are a bit subdued. A 3200 DPI option would be a nice addition but likely require a better sensor.

Overall: 7/10

It’s always a bit tricky assigning a review score to products like these. If this was a $60 mouse I’m sure I’d rate it much lower and recommend something from Razer/Logitech/ SteelSeries/etc. in the same price range.

But at $20, the GX-M4 performs adequately and even better than you might expect for a $20 mouse.


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