Review: Nixeus Moda Pro mechanical keyboard

The Nixeus Moda Pro has the distinction of being one of the few keyboards I review that really isn’t a gaming keyboard — which is to say it’s defining characteristic (relative to the products I usually review) is that isn’t really a gaming product at all.
Regardless, it’s still a perfectly good mechanical keyboard and can be had for a very reasonable price. And you could still kill a zombie with it (real or otherwise — this sucker is heavy).

The Nixeus Moda Pro is also pretty in that shiny-white-Apple kind of way. The review unit has white keys backed by Cherry-MX blue switches. The keys are accented by a shiny, silver (“military grade”) metal back plate. The keyboard also comes with a selection of keys and a keycap remover if you want to replace a handful of keys with their Mac equivalents.

 Nixeus Moda Pro feature highlights and specifications

Credit: Nixeus
  • Keys mounted on military grade metal plate
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty with free technical support
  • Specifications
  • Key Actuation Force: 55g (Brown Switch: MK-104BN16), 60g (Blue Switch: MK-104BL16)
  • Key Actuation Distance: 2.0 +/- 0.4 Mm
  • 50 Million Keystroke Life Span Per Switch
  • 1000Hz Poll Rate ~ 1ms Response Time
  • 6 Key Roll-Over and N-Key-Roll-Over with Anti-Ghosting
  • Keyboard Size: 17.125″ (Width) X 5.125″ (Height) X 1.25″ (Depth)
  • Keyboard Weight: 2 Lbs
  • Connection Type: USB


  • Keycap Remover and Dust Cleaning Brush
  • Mac Key Caps (For Mac OS Computers)

Aside from its solid build and stylish Apple-esque flourishes, the Nixeus Moda Pro boasts few innovations or interesting features. It’s a solid keyboard for typists, Mac users, and people that enjoy the sing-song clickity-clack of Cherry MX Blue switches. (A version backed by Brown switches is also available).

It’s probably also worth mentioning that the Nixeus Moda Pro is very solidly built and probably scores pretty high on the weaponization-in-a-zombie-apocalypse scale, which measures the lethality of the keyboard when striking a zombie with it, and how many zombies you could kill with it before it breaks. Given that it’s got a “military grade” metal back plate, I’m guessing the Moda Pro earns top marks in these tests.

Credit: Nixeus

Otherwise, the Nixeus Moda Pro is a no-frills keyboard. There is no LED backlighting. There are no USB or other cable pass through connectors, and there are no macro keys, frills, widgets, or driver software to use.

As a nod to gamers, however, the Moda Pro does include 6 Key Roll-Over/N-Key-Roll-Over and Anti-Ghosting among its features, so it’s still reasonably suitable to gaming from that standpoint even though serious gamers aren’t really its target audience.

Overall — 7/10 Recommended

Reviews like this are always challenging, especially when trying to decide a score. Would I recommend the Nixeus Moda Pro keyboard to a gamer? Generally speaking, no. Would I recommend the Nixeus Moda Pro to a non-gamer looking for a great keyboard? Definitely.

The Nixeus Moda Pro will serve the needs of a casual/occasional gamer just fine, and it’s a big step up from the typical, cheap keyboards most PC users have become accustomed to. At $65-75 the Nixeus Moda Pro is a solid value.

Nixeus Moda Pro Amazon page

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