Roccat Apuri review: bungie+USB hub FTW

Roccat’s aptly named Apuri (‘helper’ in Finnish) combines the utility of a mouse bungee with a USB hub and LED lights to create what is arguably one of the finest companions you could have for a gaming mouse.

Similar to the CM Storm Skorpion—another fine mouse bungee by the way—the Apuri is a 3-legged scorpion-like desktop critter designed to lift your mouse cable up and away to give you wireless-like freedom for your wired mouse.

But in the end, there can be only one. 2 mouse bungees enter, 1 mouse bungee leaves—and that would be the CM Storm Skorpion.

More than a bungee
As mouse bungees go the CM Storm Skorpion and the Roccat Apuri are evenly matched. But the Apuri ups the ante on two fronts: it’s a powered, 4-port USB 2.0 hub, and it adds the cool ‘hyperdrive’ blue glow LEDs to your desktop. If hyperdrive isn’t a color descriptor by now, it should be.

The Roccat Apuri relieves clutter and gives you a place to plug in your stuff.
The LEDs are little more than desktop bling, but they do serve a purpose: helping you easily locate the 4 powered USB ports on the Apuri. Powered ports are important if you have a lot of power-hungry devices (or just a lot of devices period)—which can include some gaming peripherals like gaming keyboards and gaming mice. Typical unpowered USB hubs won’t cut it.

And USB ports—even on well-endowed PCs—can get quickly consumed by keyboards, mice, external drives, headsets, flash drives, and more.

The Apuri costs $40—twice that of the CM Storm Skorpion. And it’s fair to point out another alternative—a powered 10-port hub by Plugable technologies that retails for about $26. I use one of these myself and filled every port. (Admittedly, the double-dose of Mad Catz gaming lights sucked up most of them.).

But with ports running slim (even counting the ones on the back and top of my PC), the Apuri makes a perfect–and needed –addition—but even if you don’t plug as much crap into your PC as I plug into mine, then consider the cost of Plugable’s 10-port USB hub ($26) and the CM Storm Skorpion ($20) with the cost of the Roccat Apuri ($40).

Overall 5/5
The Roccat Apuri is an excellent and aesthetically pleasing desktop companion for your gaming PC and your gaming mouse. It’s also an excellent (and relatively inexpensive) gift for a PC gamer friend.

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