Portal 2 LEGO set comes one step closer to reality

The Portal 2 LEGO concept has moved one step closer to becoming an actual LEGO toy. If the concept passes official review by the LEGO company, a Portal 2 LEGO play set could become available in early-to-mid 2013.

The Portal 2 LEGO concept was created by a team of 4-brothers-in-bricks calling themselves Team Jigsaw. The project was submitted through LEGO’s Cuusoo Web site.

Ideas submitted through Cuusoo are then voted upon by the community. If a concept achieves 10,000 votes, the project will then be officially reviewed by LEGO for possible production as an actual play set. As of July 13th, the Portal 2 concept achieved the required 10,000 votes to move to the next stage of the process—the review phase—where LEGO reviews the project for possible production.

The review phase for projects occurs quarterly, so the Portal 2 concept will enter the review phase in late September.

The Portal 2 LEGO concept will be officially reviewed by LEGO in late September 2012 for possible development and production. If the Portal 2 concept passes review—and licensing agreements get straightened out accordingly with Valve Software, of course—the Portal 2 LEGO concept will move into the Development phase, where it will be fine-tuned and prepared for production.

Assuming everything goes well, we could see Portal 2 LEGO sets available for purchase in early-to-mid 2013. This is a triumph.

Learn more about the project:

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