Video Game Archives: Starsiege Tribes Posters from Sierra/Dynamix circa 1998-1999

When Vivendi shut the final door on Sierra, there was a lot of stuff that got given away. Years worth of left over Swag and marketing stuff, computers, equipment, and everything else you can imagine.

I don’t remember exactly how I came into possession of these, but it didn’t involve assassinations. These are very large and very high-quality posters done on thick, expensive, glossy poster paper. I think they were used at E3 1998 when the original Starsiege: Tribes was unveiled.

The picture quality isn’t great (I just snapped them with my phone) because of the lighting in my home gym, where they presently hang in perpetual paradox (die hard Video Game Nerd with a 700 square foot Dojo/Gym in his house).

Incidentally, Hi-Rez Studios did an outstanding job of resurrecting Tribes in Tribes: Ascend. Ascend only uses the Blood Eagle and Diamond Sword factions, although certain maps and character skins have the emblem (the skull) of the Children of the Phoenix.

Hi-Rez also plans a large-scale MMO version of Tribes called Tribes Universe, which may be going for more of a Planetside 2-treatment of the franchise. Supposedly, only 3 of the 4 factions will be in it. Blood Eagle and Diamond Sword are shoe-ins for inclusion… so who will get cut? Star Wolf, or Children of the Phoenix? (I’m betting Children of the Phoenix, because their name is too long…)

But here they are: From my ‘Video Game Memorabilia Archives’ — four high-quality posters of the original Starsiege Tribes factions: Blood Eagle, Diamond Sword, Star Wolf, and Children of the Phoenix.

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  1. Holy snozzle. These are very hard to come by. Tribes was the first online multiplayer game that I played with my bestie. I’d be eternally grateful for hi res scans of these.

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