Review: Logitech G533 wireless gaming headset

The Logitech G533 wireless gaming headset is basically a streamlined version of its G933/G633 Artemis Spectrum siblings, with an improved fit and some modestly improved features under the hood.

Logitech G533 feature highlights and specifications

Logitech G533 gaming headset (Credit – Logitech)

The Logitech G533 is basically a streamlined version of its recent sibling products the G933 (wireless) and the G633 (wired).

The 3 customizable ‘G’ buttons found on the G933/G633 are replaced by a single customizable button that can be set to a variety of functions through Logitech’s software. By default the lone ‘G’ button is set to mute the microphone, but this is redundant because you can mute the mic by simply folding it up. You’ll probably want to set it to another function, such as cycling Equalizer settings, for example.

  • Headphone: Driver: Pro-G 40 mm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms Sensitivity: 107dB SPL/mW Charging Cable Length: 2m
  • Battery Life: 15 hours
  • Wireless Range: 15m
  • Weight: 350g
    Microphone: Pickup Pattern: Cardioid (Unidirectional)
  • Type: Pressure Gradient Electret Condenser
  • Size: 4mm
  • Frequency response: 100Hz-20K

The microphone is a modest improvement over the G933/G633. Not only does it mute automatically when placed in the up position (as it does on its predecessors), but it also has an extendable, flexible tip with an improved pop filter.

The G533 also sports a number of minor engineering improvements over its sibling products, including an improved antenna and wireless radio to help ensure a stronger signal (up to 15 meters away assuming open air and optimal conditions).

Practically speaking, however, I found the wireless range to be low with even one intervening wall I only made it about 20 feet away from my PC before audio cut out completely–a shorter distance than I was able to make with a Razer Kraken Wireless (which I just happened to have connected to another nearby PC).

Battery life is rated up to 15 hours of continuous play.

Logitech G533 comfort and design

Logitech G533 (Credit – Logitech)

The G533 sports cloth-covered memory foam along the headband and around the ear cups. Overall I’d say the G533 is a little more comfortable than the G633/G933, likely because they seem a little less bulky and provide a slightly better fit (for me, anyway). I found the G633/G933 prone to slide off my head sometimes with minimal provocation, whereas the G533 seems to fit a little more snugly.

The three ear cup mounted controls—the single customizable ‘G’ button, the volume roller, and the power switch toggle—are all placed behind the left ear cup. Each is distinct so you can’t confuse them, and the the ‘G’ button and volume control are textured so they can be easily felt by touch.

Personally, I prefer the volume control placement and buttons on Logitech’s older G95 series headsets, which placed the volume roller and buttons the outside of the ear cup and made them virtually ‘fumble-proof’. But the G533 controls are still distinct enough to easily differentiate by touch.

Logitech G533 audio performance

The G533, courtesy of its DTS Headphone:X technology, delivers the same exceptional audio performance of its predecessors.Directional audio cues are distinct and accurate (for a headset anyway), and the overall sound stage seems bigger than it is. The bass and overall volume of the G533’s could be a bit stronger though; even at maximum volume I found myself wanting to turn them up a notch or two.

In addition to testing the headset in a variety of conventional (i.e. non-surround sound) PC games such as Hi-Rez Studio’s SMITE and Blizzard’s Overwatch, I was able to test it in EA’s Battlefield 1, which provides specific support for the G533 and its surround sound features. I wasn’t disappointed in the sound performance aside from wanting a little more volume.

Mic performance seems as good as typical gaming headset. (My Overwatch team mates indicated I was coming through loud and clear at any rate.)

Comfort remained solid after a couple hours of play, and as stated earlier the G533 seems to have a better and tighter overall fit than the Logitech G933/G633.

Overall: 8/10 — Highly recommended

At around the $149 (at launch) the G533 is a bit more expensive than I’d anticipated, and I would have liked a little more ‘oomph’ in the bass and volume. That said, I think the Logitech G533 still delivers excellent headphone surround sound and superior fit and comfort to the G933/G633 (which more than compensates for it having a little less LED bling and fewer customization options than its siblings).

I’m still weighing whether or not the G533 will knock Creative’s (wired) H7 from its perch as my new favorite headset. 

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